The poetics of meat

Unlike the rest of my family, I dont have the vocabulary to talk passionately and accurately about meat. My mother and brother have a whole poetic vocabulary for talking for fetishising the flesh that i never knew about  Its like being on a cooking programme.  I've...

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Canton Tea Co – I'm their bitch

I'm beginning to feel like I've been hypnotised by them - because every time I taste a new tea from their catelogue it's a trial not to rhapsodise. Their tasting notes seem fanciful, but Mi Lan Dan Cong really does taste of lychees, Bai Lin Gong Fu really does have a...

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Tea-d Up

Bank Hol started with 2 delicious cups of Alishan Oolong from the Canton Tea Company. For more tea pornography, visit their site, their apposite descriptions will make your mouth...

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Well Bread

Opposite the Snow Hill Metro exit - a fabulous boutique bread shop, featuring a host of wholesome loaves. My current favourite is the Rosemary and Sultana loaf, which loves to be paired with a nice creamy...

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lettuce play

My friend James, who is very good at making something tasty out of the most unpromising of ingredients, sent me this as a refreshing amuse bouche 1 orange pepper couple of sticks of celery fresh ginger green chilli fresh coriander Chop it all finely and then add a...

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Dough is me

Christmas Day, and my brother wants me to watch his new DVD, excited \i agree. - could it be a new scifi film, or an obscure but brilliant history or science documentary he has discovered, or something equally as edifying? BTW, the moral is that if a family member you...

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