Who doesnt love a list?

Shopping lists, playlists, film collections, things covered by insurance, rare bird sightings – I even witnessed some people Coach Spotting recently – running between coaches and arduously noting … who knows what?

But whatever your thing, in the west we are a culture of list-makers, so have at it,  see some of mine, and add your own

Somewhat Saxy Playlist

01.   Stan Getz - On Green Dolphin Street (Album: Serenity) 02.   Carmel - Bad Day (Album: Everybody's Got a Little...Soul\) 03.   Judie Tzuke - tay With Me Till Dawn (Album: Welcome to the Cruz) 04.   The Cardigans - Celia Inside (Album: Emmerdale) 05. Gerry Rafferty...

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Bitch about it

Some times it's necessary to put on music that is as bad-tempered as you. There's nothing like a wronged woman plotting her revenge, or telling you how little you matter to get the blood pumping. I use this playlist for getting me through difficult vacuuming periods,...

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Sunny Playlist

As soon as there is a hint of warmth and sunshine, i want to listen to sunny music. Here is my sunny-may-playlist P-Funk – Parliament The Sea – Morcheeba What are you doin…life – Ocho The Turnaround – the herbaliser Everythings just wonderful – Lilly Allen Sunshine –...

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