Who doesnt love a list?

Shopping lists, playlists, film collections, things covered by insurance, rare bird sightings – I even witnessed some people Coach Spotting recently – running between coaches and arduously noting … who knows what?

But whatever your thing, in the west we are a culture of list-makers, so have at it,  see some of mine, and add your own

Joyous Playlist

I say a little prayer – Aretha Franklin Dancing in the Street – Martha Reeves & the Vandellas Finally – Ce Ce Peniston Dont stop me now – Queen I’m a Believer – The Monkees I’m so excited – Pointer Sisters Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder Geno – Dexy’s Midnight Runners Cape...

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Favourite opening scenes

Some opening scenes to films are so arresting and brilliant that they stay in the mind. In most cases, the rest of the film is not an anticlimax. My favourite 5 list features films that have great beginnings to great films. Of course that is not everyone’s view, a read a critic who said that Lars von Trier should have quit after the prologue for Melancholia, – witty but not supported by viewing.

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Somewhat Saxy Playlist

01.   Stan Getz - On Green Dolphin Street (Album: Serenity) 02.   Carmel - Bad Day (Album: Everybody's Got a Little...Soul\) 03.   Judie Tzuke - tay With Me Till Dawn (Album: Welcome to the Cruz) 04.   The Cardigans - Celia Inside (Album: Emmerdale) 05. Gerry Rafferty...

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Bitch about it

Some times it's necessary to put on music that is as bad-tempered as you. There's nothing like a wronged woman plotting her revenge, or telling you how little you matter to get the blood pumping. I use this playlist for getting me through difficult vacuuming periods,...

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Sunny Playlist

As soon as there is a hint of warmth and sunshine, i want to listen to sunny music. Here is my sunny-may-playlist P-Funk – Parliament The Sea – Morcheeba What are you doin…life – Ocho The Turnaround – the herbaliser Everythings just wonderful – Lilly Allen Sunshine –...

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